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Lately Freddy Ferrer has been doing his bit to remind us that he's one of the biggest losers you've ever seen. (The it-was-all-the-media's-fault explanation for his mayoral loss, promulgated Monday, was a nice bit of loserdom, ignoring, as it did, the multimillions by which he was outspent, the popularity and competence of his incumbent opponent, and his own general hackiness.) But it turns out today that, Freddy's best efforts to the contrary notwithstanding, the mustachioed Democrat was not, in fact, the biggest Democratic loser in any New York City mayoral election ever.

That honor remains with Jeremiah Mahoney, who lost to Fiorello LaGuardia by 19.73 percentage points in 1937. Now that all of this year's absentee ballots have been counted and the final mayoral results certified, it seems that Ferrer lost to Bloomberg by a mere 19.37 points.

That's a tough break there, Freddy. But if you keep trying, we're pretty sure you'll beat Jeremiah next time.

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