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What you missed during Billy Joel's talk at the 92nd Street Y last night:

Billy Joel's WIFE needs to SHUT THE F UP! - $1
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Date: 2005-11-30, 10:15AM EST

Lady - I'm happy for you, you're 26 and you married Billy Joel. Good for you.

I went to see your husband give a TALK last night, yes, he played SOME songs, but it was mostly a talk. You sat behind me (you were in row O, seat 113).. YOU and YOUR FRIENDS did not SHUT THE FUCK UP for TWO HOURS - then the three of you gradually walked out while your husband was STILL TALKING.

It's not like you were in an ARENA, this was a 900 seat theater, half the seats were empty - everyone heard you three, as you were THE ONLY PEOPLE TALKING during the WHOLE SHOW (until you left that is).

While I agree there were some nutso fanatics shouting things out - did you have to point at and laugh at all of them?

Billy - I love your tunes, as a courtesy to your audience, maybe your people could keep her in the dressing room next time you do a small gig like this.

Suddenly we're much more understanding of Joel's drinking problem.

Billy Joel's WIFE needs to SHUT THE F UP! [Craigslist]