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• Tara Reid copes with the cancellation of Taradise by doing a little shopping at the cosmetic surgeon's office. That can't possibly be good for her already-mutated nipples. [Cityrag]
• Rick Hilton pisses off Cartier customers and employees by loudly chatting on his cell phone. Like father, like daughter. [Radar]
• Looking for the perfect Chrismukkah present for the addict in your life? Show them you truly care with a gold-plated coke spoon. At only $265, it makes that 8-ball seem cheap. [Citizen Citizen]
• Capturing the very moment when Look Book lady Strummer Hoffston met Joe Strummer. [Bob Gruen]
• Has the NME list of best albums been rigged to the benefit of commercial interests? And, if so, are we the least bit surprised? [Londonist]