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It's nearly four days since Gawker mascot and erstwhile Conde Nastie Andrew Krucoff left the Lower East Side for the far holier precincts of Jerusalem, and we were starting to get concerned. Not only is this the longest we've gone in many months without any hectoring email or IMs from him, but, most worrisome, his had not been updated since well before he left. Such shpelkis he was giving us!

But, finally, within a few hours this afternoon, we got two emailed confirmations that he's fine. (Neither directly, though. What? We're chopped liver now?) And, finally, there was a post at youngisraelite:

I'm here, all is well, and the indoctrination process is in full action mode. It's a pretty hardcore religious environment but I knew I wasn't signing up for a month of MTV Yeshiva Beach House.

This is all good news. But then comes this:

Anyway, I've decided I won't be blogging much of this trip. I'm presently sitting on a stoop getting free wifi on the edge of the Old City's Jewish Quarter near the Armenians and I don't have time for this. The end of days are nigh and there's a lot of Torah to study until then.

Won't be blogging? End of days? Torah to study? And, again: Won't be blogging?

Oy. We now can't shake the suspicion that Krucoff, upon his return, will be selling us electronics.

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