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Because we almost never read a dirty, inky print newspaper, we just recently caught Keith Kelly's annual rundown of who sat where at the Conde Nast holiday lunch. From it, we're able to learn every guest at each of the 12 tables at the Four Seasons yesterday.

But we also learned something else: We've long known the Post can never seem to place the right photos onto its website. But we've always believed it was more competent about getting the right faces in the right places in actual paper. It seems we were mistaken.

This image was lost some time after publication.

Take a look, for example, at Table 5, which was headlined, according to the text, by Details editor Dan Peres. The accompanying photo, however, inexplicably shows American Pie actor Chris Klein — who lately has revealed himself to be far less metro, and less gay-friendly, than the Details crew — in Peres's place. (You can tell its not the Details chief because the floating head lacks Peres's characteristic wispy fauxhawk and frattish sneer.)

However could this confusion have happened? We suspect it's all Saks's fault.

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