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Too young and not quite jaded enough to handle the velvet ropes at Marquee and Bungalow 8? Even better, are you under 18 or prefer to stalk those under 18? If so, Crush might be the perfect nightclub for you.

"We call it 'Baby Marquee,'" says 17-year-old Lexi Lehman, the promoter of Crush, a nightclub expressly for and by teenagers. Very smart, very privileged teenagers, that is.

"Everyone is so intellectual and intelligent, because these are the top schools," says Lehman of her peers. "They're all hanging out with A-listers. They hang out backstage at concerts. This club is for the crowd that everybody looks up to for the latest trends. It really is the Teen Vogue market."

Her friends, she adds, often are in Teen Vogue. Or they work there: "That's a big thing at Spence."

Lexi Lehman, you may recall, was the girl-genius and Grubman PR intern behind last month's Teen Factory Girl party, and now her extra-curricular activities revolve mostly around maintaining an exclusive guest list and door policy for Crush, ensuring that all rejected would-be patrons develop the proper eating disorder before daring to attempt entry again.

Parents are also encouraged to organize post-party carpools to ensure a safe return uptown at a reasonable bedtime. Come morning, these party girls have a busy schedule to maintain: an orgy at Dylan's Candy Bar, some baby botox, and then the requisite sit-down interviews with New York mag to discuss their lives as privileged seed-suckers.

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