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We'd never expect an event for Jackass to attract anyone in the alphabetical neighborhood of the A-list, members of which generally don't have a very high tolerance for the stapling of genitalia to stationary objects or the show-offy chewing of broken glass. But when nearly all of the wire photos of the night include pornstar/recall gubernatorial hopeful Mary Carey, things are not good. According to this report from an operative unlucky enough to have turned up to the party, the planners had a problem luring warm bodies of any kind to fill the venue, even with the promise of booze and food:

Last night, MTV trotted out the Jackass crew for a party celebrating the release of the new Jackass Box Set at Circus nightclub in Hollywood. While MTV staged an amazing looking party, they forgot one thing...TO SEND INVITATIONS! I don't know why MTV chose to have a party in the cavernous Circus, home to a Gay Latin Night as well as rave mecca, Spundae. Well, whatever reason there was behind that choice, it will certainly come back to haunt the party planner that the event was EMPTY. I mean, not kinda loose around the edges...but barely half full. The club is already huge and sports an amazingly large outside patio but there was still no one! Not even Mr. Nicole Richie (aka DJ AM) could get more than a few of the miserable attendees to even pretend like they enjoyed it.

All of the regulars were in attendance: Steve-O, Wee-Man, and alleged Jessica Simpson-playmate Johnny Knoxville, as well as the rest of the crew. Also dropping in for the shenanigans were former governor hopeful Mary Carey, Beavis and Butthead creator, Mike Judge, as well as Survivor castoff Johnny Fairplay and Next Top Model's Michelle who enjoyed not one, but two digs in a row by the Fug girls yesterday.

Food ranged from chicken drumsticks in BBQ sauce to about 5 different kinds of tortilla chips and 3 different kinds of salsa. Also in the seemingly random assortment of food were meatballs, mini pizzas, and nachos. The food was actually quite decent for an MTV event and as far as the only food that matters goes (that being, desert), whatever straggling partygoers were still around munched on chocolate dipped goodies like rice krispie treats and fruit.

We're suddenly having flashbacks to Inside TV's infamous Deadest Party That Ever Was, which now seems like a star-studded orgy by comparison. How bad do things have to get before event staffers throw open the doors and start herding in any Santa Monica Boulevard tranny who'll agree to pretend he-she's a Hilton sister, just to fill the place up a little?