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We recently received this PrivacyWatch sighting from a guy who knows a guy who spotted Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston in Scottsdale, AZ:

About an hour ago (11/29—11:00 PST) both walked into a Scottsdale coffeshop. Looks like Vince brought her around to meet the family for the holidays. Think his dad lives there. Anyway this from my friend who lives there and had the actual encounter.

Jennifer: you guys know what you want?

Friend: Nnnnnnn no - go right on ahead. (He then followed up with various "I love everything you've ever done" statements)

Vince: Hey, Thanks.

Friend: You are so money!

Vince: No, You are so money.

Friend: Can I take your picture with my camera phone?

Vince: Nah, how bout an autograph?

Friend: That's ok, how 'bout I just shake your hand.

Vince: Deal.

Both were casually dressed - shirt and jeans...He also reports that
Jenn "smells great and has a nice ass."

We were going to sit on this scintillating exchange until the upcoming PrivacyWatch roundup, figuring, well, the two deserved a little quiet get-to-know-ya time. But then this happens:

Actors Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston were pulled over by Scottsdale police last week for a minor traffic violation, and Vaughn was given a sobriety test, the entertainment Web site reported Thursday.

Vaughn, who was driving, was not cited in the Nov. 29 incident, but officers warned him not to drive, Sgt. Mark Clark of the Scottsdale Police Department told Results of the sobriety test were not immediately available. Vaughn and Aniston reportedly left the car on the side of the road and drove away with friends.

We must hand it to them. Playing lovey-dovey airplane propeller games in plain sight of paparazzi cameras is one thing, but with this last brilliantly orchestrated stunt, they have really outdone themselves. Not only does Vince get to work his, "My swingin' patter can charm the pants off anything, including a highway patrol cop wincing at my Wild Turkey breath," it gives Aniston a stand-by-your-boozin'-man country-style martyrdom that sells in just about Anywhere, U.S.A. Well played.