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· Today's most-emailed question: Why is a search for Jodie Sweetin (you know, the middle child on Full House) the third-ranked query on MSN today? (Scroll to bottom right of the page.) Answer: We have no f'ing clue. Please enlighten us.
· To be perfectly honest, she kind of sounds like the ideal housemate.
· If you show up to photograph an event, and you don't recognize anyone who strolls across the red carpet, did that carpet ever really unfurl?
· You can pay porn stars a lot of money to have sex with you? Who knew?
· Ryan Phillippe was voted Hollywood's hottest dad, but Ken Sunshine might demand a do-over given Affleck's big news today.
· We really hope that you haven't been missing out on the brilliant death-throes of our talented friend over at Oddjack. Stop by and pour out a little liquor for AJ's scorched bit of blog-earth while perusing this post on the odds of a Simpson-Lachey reunion.