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No Krucoff, no Remy Stern, no Gawker Media alumni. Word on the street is that Mediabistro's new editorial director, replacing budding novelist and former Gawker Elizabeth Spiers, who replaced budding alcoholic and current Gawker Jesse Oxfeld, will likely be none other than — drumroll, please — Dorian Benkoil.

It's OK; we didn't know who he is, either.

But a bit of research quickly revealed that he's well qualified for the job. Indeed, you might say he's overqualified, having most recently been the general manager of the Fairchild Publications Internet division and, before that, the managing producer of ABC News Digital. He's even got his own media-news blog, MediaFlect, which, with its sober business analyses and conspicuous lack of exclamation points, is clearly the anti-Fishbowl.

Just a touch more research puts him at 45 years old — a solid standard deviation or two from Mediabistro's mean age — and the sort of man who's been accustomed to wearing suits, not boas, to work.

We give him six months.