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Krucoff poses with two IDF troops and a heretofore unknown species: a Jewish Abercrombie model.

We told you a few days ago that we'd finally received (written) word that Gawker mascot Andrew Krucoff had safely arrived in Jerusalem and gotten started on his Talmudic study. Now we have photo evidence.

(Not directly, mind you. Does he call us? Does he write? Would it be so hard just once in a while to check in with people who are worrying about him? Apparently it would be. Well, one day we won't be around anymore. And then how will he feel?)

The bloggers at Jewlicious caught up with The Kruc in Jerusalem the other night, where, it seems, he joined them for a lively night of boozing and gesticulating.

It's nice to know some things never change.

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