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A thoughtful reader with a very good point emails us to point out the inherent wrong in our coverage of Grubman PR intern and nightclub proprietress for privileged youth, Lexi Lehman:

Don't you have anything better to do than be rude to teenage girls who you obviously just envy because they accomplished more at 17 than you have in your whole life? I think that it's absolutely ridiculous that you're posting things like this on your site. I know it's standard for your rag to post things about actors and actresses doing stupid things but Lexi is just a teenage girl working at a PR firm, she didn't do anything to deserve this. You should be really ashamed for being this cruel and allowing people to post such disgusting comments about one of the sweetest girls in all of new york city. I wish more people would be like lexi, then maybe in the future there would be less assholes like you guys in the world.

the people who matter.

Emphasis ours, because we're thrilled to know that "people who matter" have email addresses employing the handle "babydoll" and the number 69.

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