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So last week, you'll recall, brought us World AIDS Day, which reminds us of all the millions infected and the cure that's still lacking. Then there's all that talk about the nasty avian flu that could hit at moment and for which the United States is, as we understand it, woefully undersupplied on vaccines. And, of course, there's that nasty bedbug resurgence in the city, which can't be a particularly healthy. Still, amid all this, it's nice to see the city's Department of Health can keep its focus on the big things, according to the Post:

City Hall has issued a warning that secondhand smoke endangers the health of puffers' pets....

"Even cats and dogs whose owners smoke have higher rates of cancer," the Health Department reports.

We know second terms are when administrations typically get power-drunk and a touch crazy. And, come to think of it, it just stands to reason that Bloomberg's second-term lunacy would be over-the-top anti-smoking campaigns.

Which, in the grand scheme, isn't the worst sort of over-the-top-ness. Chris Ofili, at least, must be pleased.

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