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The Smoking Gun has obtained a letter sent to a number of publications from Jennifer Aniston's lawyers, with a subject line: "Jennifer Aniston/Invasion of Privacy," (note to her people: great title for possible Derailed follow up!). At issue is a paparazzo, a Hubble-sized telephoto lens, and some topless photographs of Jennifer sunbathing at her home:

Lawyers for Jennifer Aniston have warned publications that they will face an invasion of privacy lawsuit if they print topless photos of the actress taken recently while she was apparently sunbathing at her Los Angeles home. In a blistering letter sent to celebrity magazines, attorney John Lavely wrote that the publication of photographs "showing [Aniston] topless or in the act of taking off or putting on her top" would expose those titles to "substantial monetary damages." In his letter, Lavely wrote that the topless photos were taken by paparazzo Peter Brandt, who allegedly used a "powerful telephoto lens" from a perch more than a mile away from Aniston's home.

Remember, publishers, there's a fine line between a sexy image-burnishing magazine cover shoot and a full-scale, international legal assault, and that line is about the width of the sinewy triceps denying us an unobstructed view of Aniston's bronzed goodies. Perhaps the issue was less the lack of bikini-top, more the fact that the surveillance photo egregiously omitted New Love of Her Life and recent backwards-alphabet reciter Vince Vaughn, who is contractually obligated to be her co-canoodler in all captured candid moments.