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You know what must be a really fun part of being The New York Times? When you've launched a new service, for which you've been somewhat mocked, and which you're really trying to boost, it's really easy — and probably really cheap — for you to take out a big special advertising section in the Times.

Like today's 8-page offering on the wonders of TimesSelect. Discover its power! Unleash its benefits! And, our favorite part, see what bells and whistles you'll receive from the paper's famous op-ed columnists. Like:

• [Nick] Kristof shares his well-traveled perspective in his column, Web journal and regular multimedia features.
• Read profiles of the people [Bob Herbert] admires most and nominate someone you know as a "Herbert's Hero."
• Visit [Tom Friedman's] page in TimesSelect to join "Talking World Affairs," a discussion group with readers.
• In [David Brooks's] "The Way We Live Now," readers debate recent issues like women in the workforce and youth culture.
• Join readers in a discussion of topics [Paul Krugman] covers in "Money Talks."
• Readers join the dialogue in "Everyone's a Critic" to discuss provactive questions posed by [Frank Rich].
• Readers can share their questions and comments with [John Tierney] for increased interaction.
• Read [Maureen Dowd's] responses to her readers' questions about her book "Are Men Necessary: When Sexes Collide."

Because, while all the other op-edsters are running ongoing online features, you'll take your one, self-promotional extra from Maureen Dowd, and you'll like it, dammit.

Otherwise you're a sexist.

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