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Most of the time we agree that celebrities are self-involved assholes, , that they typically treat reporter-types like shit, that they want the media's attention when it helps them but then, hypocritically, bitch about that attention when it's no longer useful. But every now and then we read an account from the red carpet, and we — at least for a moment — feel the celebs' pain. Blogger The Reeler tells a tale from last night's premiere for the latest incarnation of The Producers:

[M]y lesson came in the form of another intrepid reporter, bundled up in the chilly tent with her leopard-print scarf and a sheaf of trenchant inquiries for the stars—no research required, as poor Nathan Lane soon discovered.

"Diet secrets you swear by," she said, her breath trailing the question through the freezing air.

"What?" Lane asked.

"Diet secrets you swear by," she repeated.

"Diet secrets I swear by? What do you mean?"

"Just really quickly."

"I don't... I have no idea."

Not like the guy needed my help, but I intevened anyway: "Is this the coldest premiere you've ever been to in your life?"

He turned to leave. "It's starting to be."

Not a great moment for celebrity reporting. But, at least, a reasonably good one for bitchy gay comebacks.

The Big Chill: Lane Meets the Press at 'Producers' Premiere [The Reeler]