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Forgive our tardiness in bringing this to your attention — for some reason, T, The New York Times Style Magazine, is not at the top of our Sunday Times reading list — but there is some pressing news in last weekend's installment we must highlight. We refer, of course, to "The Talk," a T column devoted to teaching us the newest, hippest language for discussing fashion and other T-ish matters. Here's the new batch of insight:

Hang over /(han go\ vr) / n. / unpleasant physical effects after the heavy consumption of alcohol, as in, "I think I overdid it with the eggnog — I woke up with a hangover I could sell to science"; a vestige; a holdover, e.g., "Mom, presents are such a hangover from last century — just give me cash."

One-off / (wun o {lcub}f{rcub}) / n. / a Britishism for something happening, done or made only once, as in, "I want a one-off that I won't see coming or going — a custom Louis Vuitton mah-jongg set would be nice, or a little Burberry trench coat for my labradoodle."

Re gift / (re\ gift) / v. / a Seinfeldian term for giving an unwanted gift to someone else, as in, "That's the ugliest sweater I've ever seen. You should give it to charity or regift it to your mother-in-law." Many happy returns!

Hangover? One-off? Regift? Where do people find these crazy words? Thank you, New York Times. We have no idea how we'd get through life without you.

The Talk [T/NYT]