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It's hard being a single woman of a certain age. A certain redhead we know would seem to have it all: A great job, plenty of influence, lots of money. But she doesn't have anyone to share it with, and, as she has maybe mentioned to a few people lately, she's a little sad about that. So it sort of went without saying that when an ex of hers recently publicized a new photo of himself, one that took off years and accentuates his ladykilling blue eyes, she'd soon have to point out that she, too, is still looking good. Even without him.

And so, ladies and gentleman, we present today's brand-new Times headshot for Maureen Dowd. The old one, with its dark background and pursed lips, said, "I'm mysterious and witty." And the new one, with a white background and tousled hair? Just one thing: "Marry me!"

Torturing the Facts [NYT]
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