While we're working on the updated edition of our big list of Media Christmas gatherings, we'll tide you over for a bit with the first actual Media Christmas invitation that's come our way:

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Here's the question, though: We understand the snowflakes on the invitation. But why exactly the diagrams of molecules and atoms? There's mention of "an exclusive for our employees, a look at the most exciting ... technologies News Corporation has in store for the future." Does Murdoch have biological weapons? The Bomb?

That can't be good.

(Also: A friend snuck us into the News Corporation shindig a year or two ago, and it was a blast — sufficiently enormous that no one will ever realize you don't work for the company, and with the added fun of realizing that Rupert Murdoch is buying you each scotch you throw back. Crashers be advised, though: There's a lot of security on your way in. So plan accordingly.)

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