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In this stalk-it-like-it s-hot edition: Billy Joel, Josh Hartnett, cranky Jude Law and Sienna Miller, Lucy Liu, Jennifer Connelly and Paul Bettany, Jerry Seinfeld, Benecio Del Toro, Tim Robbins, Daryl Hannah, Yoko Ono, Chelsea Clinton, Anna Wintour, Juliana Marguilies, Amanda DeCadenet and Sofia Coppola, Jeanine Piro, Jermaine Dupri, Dave Matthews, Eric Bogosian, Andre Leon Talley, Al Franken, Macaulay Culkin, Gabriel Byrne, Samantha Bee, Shakira, John Waters, Tim Robbins, Ileana Douglas, David Byrne, Ice-T and Richard Belzer.

Had to kill some time before seeing Brokeback Mountain - headed for the 2:45pm show, but the earliest was 5:00pm. So - headed to the West Village for some lunch at the impossibly chic but relaxed Sant Ambroeus. As usual, it was packed and the maitre d' said it would be 15 minutes for a table, so my friend and I hung out at the bar waiting. Two seconds later, the door opens and a very young woman, pretty with dark hair and good skin, comes in with an older, shorter man with a goatee and saggy circles under his eyes. "Her father" I thought. The maitre d' looks at them, then says "Hello Mr. Joel". Sure enough, it's the piano man - but its creepy, too, cuz of the age difference between him and the (very)little missus. Billy is told its a 15 minute wait - he responsed "...but we don't want to wait". The maitre d' says, sorry, I've got other people before you. Billy asks who, so the maitre d' turns to his left and indicates me. We're all crunched together cuz the space is tight. Billy looks directly at me with no reaction - I smile at him - he turns to the maitre d' and says "...we'll go somewhere else" and they leave. The guy is a pig - all around - but I give high marks to the maitre d'— especially at a place like Sant Ambroeus, where you expected to be treated like crap. We weren't.


Had the table next to Josh Hartnett this Sunday (12/11) at Supper in the East Village for brunch. He was with a nondescript man and large woman (maybe from his hometown?) Hat pulled down low, he kept scanning the back room to see if anyone recognized him. Yes, we do, but we're really only waiting for Scarlett to show. No luck on that front.

Balthazar on 12/12: Jude Law and Sienna Miller were having lunch with a few 'normal' folks - maybe Sienna's family members? Next to them was a table no one was allowed to sit at and a lady standing there just to make sure no one bothered them. As I put on my coat I looked over at Jude and we made full eye-contact and when I gave a small smile, and he gave a rude 'don't look at me' expression. He wasn't so hot in person, he just looked rich. I didn't get a good look at his bitch.


Saw Lucy Liu this Saturday at Ono in the Gansevoort Hotel. She was eating dinner at the next table with what looked like her family and boyfriend. She was totally low-key and looked gorgeous in a black turtleneck sweater.

A classic Park Slope evening. Cashed in the "babysitting exchange" chips and headed out for an early birthday dinner at Al Di La, followed by dessert at Blue Ribbon, where we spied the ubiquitous Jennifer Connelly / Paul Bettany / child trio leaving said premises. Wife said she was beautiful. I was too into my bourbon and chocolate chip banana bread to notice.

On Thursday 12/8, saw Jerry Seinfeld in the whitest Porsche I have ever seen. He was turning onto 15th Street from 9th Ave, possibly towards the car wash on 10th Ave since you hear all the stories about how clean is not clean enough for him, his cars and his sneakers.

I was having a few drinks at the The Back Room in the LES,when two older (than the crowd in the bar) gentlemen walked in and ordered drinks next to us. There was one gray haired fella and one guy with a beard, shaggy hair cut and a very heavy jacket on, which I thought was a bit overdressed seeing how warm it was in there. I took a closer look at the shaggy guy and realized it was Benecio Del Toro (can't mistake those lovely eyes) and a few minutes later the gray haired man turned around from the bar and was none other than Tim Robbins. Of course, once they walked in, they stopped letting others in the [not crowded] bar which was a bit annoying because our friends had to wait quite a long time to get in after that.

Dec. 10th Ben's on Spring St. my two friends and I were sitting in the back and next to us there was a blond women and a red headed women sitting at the table against the wall, the blond was facing the back on the restaurant. my friend whispered that the blond looked familar but couldn't figure out who she was. I was not really looking but had caught a glimpse and heard her voice and said she looked like Daryl Hannah from Kill Bill but that it wasn't her. she then looked at me after I said her name and at that point I changed my prior statement. She had on little makeup, if any, and looked better than I had expected because her head usually seems long on tv, but it was quite normal in size. Then later while walking towards Bleecker, not sure what street we were on, walked right past Ben from Felicity, aka Scott Speedman. he was reading the menu outside of some restaurant and looked like he was waiting to meet someone. scruffy and very attractive.

I was at a exhibition opening party at Printed Matter on 10th Avenue on Saturday night. I felt a pair of hands on my back and heard someone saying "excuse me" in a small voice. I turn around to see a small person in all black brushing past me. It was Yoko Ono. I was thinking that she would have been hiding out this week with the anniversary of John Lennon's death and all.

Saw Chelsea Clinton with a group of friends at the bluegrass brunch at Nolita House. She seemed to really like the music and waited until the band took a break to go outside for a smoke and a cell call.

I just saw Ms. Anna Wintour herself coming out of Columbia Law School - around noon, 12/12. Getting some free advice about PETA?

I saw Juliana Margulies at Symphony Space today (sunday december 11) on broadway on the upper west side. she was outside talking on her blackberry before she went inside.

Friday 12/9, I was in the Bleecker Street Marc Jacobs store, and saw Amanda DeCadenet and Sofia Coppola. (My friend also saw Molly Shannon lurking around and then leaving quickly). I heard Amanda and Sofia talking about how it sucks having long distance boyfriends, and I couldn't figure out who Sofia's seeing after her divorce. When Sofia was looking through the clothes, I went up to her to say hello and that I was a fan and she was really sweet and thanked me profusely. She is MUCH prettier in person, and very short (about my height- 5'2"). I was wondering why she was in the store, though— doesn't MJ just ship her boatloads of the clothes for free?

Jeanine Piro loves Manolos and spent about 3 hours last Tuesday in Neiman Marcus in White Plains trying on EVERY PAIR. The customer service associate was as nice as he could be, but unfortunately I think the fear of being told that she was untalented by George Pataki ate her up inside, cause she sure resembled Carrie Bradshaw that night. And by that I only mean shoe fetish. Up close and personal, Piro is about as taut and surgeried up as one person can be. In fact she is pretty terrifying.

At the over crowded second anniversary party at Marquee Thursday night I saw a very very mini man who turned out to be Jermaine Dupri. He came in at 130 AM with a trio of beauties and bodyguards....I guess being so mini he needs the protection, otherwise who cares??Even dancing on the booth he was shorter than half the crowd!

so I went to the Peninsula Hotel on Saturday (12/10) to get a massage and who should be at the front desk of the spa but Dave Matthews. He seemed affable, goodnatured and tall (for some reason I thought he would be more frumpy or hunched over). Everyone else there seemed too wrapped up (literally) in their robes and blissed-out states to really notice him. As he left, he blithely announced to the girl at the desk "Now, I'm going to
hang out with other men in the steamroom." Alas, I was already dressed and ready to go—otherwise I could've given you a weenus report as well.

On Friday 12/9, saw Eric Bogosian in the Union Square Barnes & Noble. Taller and thinner than I would have thought.

Went to see 6:00 showing of Brokeback Mountain in Chelsea on Sunday. As we were leaving the movie, saw Andre Leon Talley gushing about the movie with a herd of attractive gay men.

So I just saw Al Franken on the ATA Chicago-NYC flight on Saturday. Very friendly, was chatting with apparent strangers the entire way and eventually met up with his son (I think) at baggage claim. That said, ATA?!?!?!? Either Air America's doing worse than I thought or he really wants to understand the plight of the urban poor...

I saw and took a shot with Macaulay Culkin for my 21st birthday last night (12/11 or actually 12/12 b/c it was after midnight) at this NYU frequented bar, Bar None, on Third Avenue. He was super nice, friendly, and easy to talk to. He even responded well to me referring to him as my BFF for taking the shot with me. It was quite awesome.

no one too terribly exciting or new (he's been mentioned before), but i saw gabriel byrne crossing the street in brooklyn heights by the corner of hicks and atlantic. he looked his usual hot for an older man self in long winter coat and cup of coffee. i would have said

I saw a very pregnant Samantha Bee (of the Daily Show) at City Bakery on 12/10, debunking my friend's theory that she has been wearing a fake belly on-air.

Eager with anticipation for a puffy, and sweaty Alec Baldwin-hosted SNL, on my American Airlines flight from LAX-JFK last Wednesday I sat amidst the musical guest Shakira and the Shakira Party Posse. She was in the second row of First and I in the first row of Business surrounded by her posse of 4. She kept running back to talk with the guy seated next to me about some publicity shots (totally hot pics). They kept calling her Shaggy, though further investigation (hey someone on this site should do some) has proven it was actually Shaki. She is tiny tiny tiny and I have to say—she smelled nice and really that's all I ask for from a celebrity. She still doesn't understand though that when the plane is taxiing and the seatbelt sign is on, you have to stay in your seat, she totally got yelled at for that.

I ran into John Waters as I was entering Commes des Garcons in Chelsea on Saturday night (12/10). He was on his way out. I couldn't resist flashing a huge smile and saying "HI!" as if he was some long long friend from college. Surprisingly, he responded with the same enthusiasm. And who knew he had such edgy taste in clothing? Stylish and nice. He later returned to the register to double check on the shipping of his purchases (to Baltimore, of course). His palette was all dark, mostly charcoal gray, even the sneakers. The fabric and cut of everything on him was interesting, but in a subtle way. Afterwards, I went around the corner to Printed Matter, where there was an opening for artists' books. It was pretty crowded. I quietly said "xcuse me" as I squeezed passed a petite woman with shades. It was Yoko Ono. I wanted to kick myself for being in her way! She was with an unidentified, tall, Caucasian man. Why do famous women always have an escort?

Saw the LA punk band X at Roseland on Friday night. Who was to join the band on stage and sing alone with Excene and John Doe? Tim Robbins! From a distance he looked blonde, but is actually totally gray. He knew all the lyrics to The New World and totally enjoyed himself while singing.

This morning, (12/12) on that ungodly early Jet Blue 7 AMer back here, Ileana Douglas low key in a window seat. Nothing significant here 'cept to say what a cool shot it was of her skating on top of a frozen Nicole Kidman at the end of To Die For.

On Saturday night (12/10) at midnight some friends and I rambled into Raga restaurant on East 6th for what was to be a small private party for some artsy friends. Who do I see in the left corner pocket but David Byrne, looking FABULOUS. No attitude, just friendly and happy. Everyone knew him and acted like it was no big whoop, so I pretended to do the same while practically pissing my pants with glee.

Ice-T and Richard Belzer of some Law & Order show (never as good as the original!) were filming in my friendly neighborhood H&R Block on the Upper West Side. I stuck around long enough to see Ice emerge and converse with starstruck fans. (A snippet of conversation: "I'm a jaded NY'er, but had to come up to you...") Needless to say, I was far too cool for that line of discussion, but I was happy that I got the opportunity to admire Ice's skinny braid.