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It seems no awards season news can begin without a discussion of gay cowboy fireside tale Brokeback Mountain. Early this morning, Brokeback piled up seven Golden Globe nominations, with best drama, best director, and best actor nods among them. But the Hollywood Foreign Press quite callously split up the movie's heartsick cowpokes, celebrating sensitive monosyllabic mumbler Heath Ledger while snubbing dreamy-eyed, bull-riding (SPOILER ALERT!) bottom Jake Gyllenhaal. It seems that even the Globes are conspiring to keep these star-crossed lovers apart.

In non-Brokeback news, both Black-And-White and Fat George Clooneys scored big, with four nominations for his Good Night, and Good Luck (including director and drama), and a supporting actor nod for his generously padded Syriana CIA operative. Acting nominations for Charlize Theron in North Country and Russell Crowe in Cinderella Man, however, send risky HFP endorsements of the stunt-smudging of great screen beauties and the late-night brutalization of haughty American hotel personnel by entitled Australian hotheads, respectively. (It appears that no, we are not quite ready to let that go.) And so we can end on a happy note, The Squid and the Whale, which we continue to flog tirelessly to anyone who will listen, made noise in three categories.

You can read the full list of nominess at Variety.