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· There is perhaps no better way to mourn Tookie Williams' execution than by starting your own gang. Slate shows you how!
· The LAT lets us know what it would've been like to be awake at 4 a.m. and present for the Golden Globes nominations announcement. Sounds scary, so we're glad we were still safely asleep.
· "So what I'm, like, really trying to say is, is that Rachel is like, you know, so out there with her sexualness and stuff. Whereas I am classy-sexy and understated. You think she's gonna totally pull out my hair when she reads this?" [last item]
· And as long as we're on the subject of voluptuousness and overt sexuality, Pam Anderson's pole dancing scared NBC censors shitless.
· No, it's not actually called Jew Jersey. Why do you ask? [via Gawker]