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A very reliable, double-super- secret, you'll-never-ever- figure-out-who-it-is Spring Street source checked in this morning from Balthazar, where he'd learned these interesting bits of news:

• It seems Anna Wintour is coming downtown for lunch.

• She demands a private dining experience.

• Balthazar does not have private rooms.

• And so a hedge has been built around a table in the left rear corner, to give Ms. W. her desired privacy.

This development is delightful. It also, it seems to us, cries out for a Gawker contest. So here it is: We want a picture of Anna eating at the Balth. The ideal image is of her at her table, preferably in the process of inserting food into her mouth. The closest you can get to that shot — at the table is better than walking to it; walking to it is better than outside on the street — the likelier you are to win.

We were tempted to say that the first, best pic gets a Balthazar lunch on us. But then we remembered we can't afford that. So let's do this: The first, best pic gets a warm goat cheese and carmalized onion tart on us. They're quite delicious.

See, this is why God invented cameraphones.