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• Thanks to the Daily Show, American Apparel becomes the latest victim in the War on Christmas. There's a holiday lesson to be learned here: When you sodomize a reindeer, nobody wins. [American Apparel]
• Fox News's Roger Friedman seems a bit too excited at how gay the Oscars are shaping up to be. [Fox411]
• The best thing about rare color photographs from the Depression? You can see how hard black folk worked, and yet managed to keep their nails matching their bandanas. You can thank the Library of Congress for that one. [Flickr via Vitamin Castercat]
• Even social drinkers have a hard time putting down the bottle. Tell us about it. [LAT]
• Elton John de-Gays his performance a bit by including a video of Pamela Anderson pole-dancing, but it's a bit too hetero for NBC. Nothing's ever good enough for these people. [E! Online]
• Somewhere in Brooklyn, someone has created a brothel with life-size dolls. We're so horrified, we don't even have a joke. [Craigslist]