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We provide you with all the important information — Anna Wintour is to lunch at Balthazar today, and the restaurant has found her a shrubbery so as to provide the requisite privacy — and we make a simple request, that one of you snap a quick picture. Our demands weren't tough. We didn't need a Liebovitzian production; there was no need for assistants or glamorous lighting or even makeup artists. Any old cameraphone thing would have done, which, we thought, made the challenge easy enough.

And what do we get from you?


That's not entirely true. We did return from lunch to find this email:

Just spotted Graydon Carter going into AW's corner at Balthazar. Couldn't get a snap, unfortunately. He looked as magisterial, and as rotund, as Gore Vidal.

To be fair, it's a good sighting. (We particularly enjoy the Vidal reference.) But it is not a picture. And we wanted a picture. Which leaves us heartbroken.

There's a silver lining, though: We'll be eating the goat cheese and onion tart ourselves. Delish.

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