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First, the official news, straight from lowdown Lloyd Grove: He's got a new Hudette. The Lloydster emails:

My new assistant will be Katherine Thomson, a Princeton grad who has been toiling at MSNBC as a producer for Joe Scarborough. I am very excited to have Katherine working on Lowdown, and I look forward to great dish from her. She starts Jan. 2.

Next, the mostly unsubstantiated, largely speculative, and therefore much more fun news. An anonymous source who has spent some time recently in the News newsroom emails:

I just read your article on David Hauslaib, though it sounds like you didn't hear — he and Ben Widdicome aren't together anymore. Not sure when they broke it off.... Even more interesting: David was apparently talking to Colleen Curtis [News ME/features, who recently left for GMA] about doing some gossip something or other for them before she quit. Not sure if anything came of it but now all of a sudden he quits his job at Sounds suspicous to me.... Oh, and then there's Lloyd and Hud. From the impression I got, Lloyd is quite happy to see him go. They had this weird glaring thing going on, not sure what it was about but that's how I saw it when I was there.

Finally, we're told that Newsers have spent the last two weeks congratulating Chris Rovzar, the Rush & Molloy legman, on his new gig at Men's Vogue. Of course, it's Hud Morgan, his Lowdown counterpart, who's moving to 4 Times Square. Now, we understand that both are tall, skinny, and impossibly Waspy, and we also understand that they're both a good decade or two younger than nearly all their colleagues. But, still, they're not that hard to tell apart. Chris is blonder. And gayer.

And Hud's the one glaring at Lloyd Grove, apparently.

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