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You pray everything will go perfectly on your wedding day, but some things are hard to plan for. And don't think being a movie star makes you immune: The Smoking Gun posted a police report recounting the events leading up to the arrest of a devious, thieving hairdresser skulking around Kevin Costner's 2004 nuptials:

An Aspen hairdresser hired last year to beautify guests at Kevin Costner's wedding allegedly took the opportunity to swipe the actor's laptop computer, which contained photos of the star's nuptials. Pascal Bensimon, 44, is facing a felony theft charge for lifting Costner's Apple G4, which was reported stolen from the Oscar winner's ranch on September 25, 2004, the day Costner wed Christine Baumgartner. [...]

In an interview with the Aspen Daily News, Bensimon, free on $5000 bond, denied stealing Costner's property. "Some people put some drugs in my glass. I was not conscious for the day that I was there and I don't understand what's coming up now," he explained.

As ridiculous as the defense sounds, it might begin to explain how Bensimon lopped off an unlucky bridesmaid's head while trying to trim a troublesome split end. But because not even a roofie-impaired stylist was going to ruin the soon-to-be Mrs. Costner's big day, a family friend quietly disposed of the headless body and yards of blood-stained taffeta while the rest of the bridal party tried to avoid visible scorching by his curling iron.