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Oh, those media companies are really full of the Christmas spirit.

Not only did Mort Zuckerman send his Radar staff to the unemployment line in a fit of holiday glee, and not only did Time Inc. celebrate the season by canning 105 folks — some long-serving, high-ranking vets — but, in fact, today there's even more news of Christmas joy in magland.

As Keith Kelly reports, it turns out not all the Time Inc. layoffs were of biz-side folks, as we were initially led to believe:

Time magazine, which has seen ad pages tumble by double-digits through November, is taking one of the biggest hits of any magazine.

Aside from President Eileen Naughton, the magazine also lost Diana Pearson, the beloved director of public affairs....

Also getting the ax are Moscow Bureau Chief Paul Quinn Judge and the Los Angeles-based West Coast Editor Terry McCarthy.

We hear some AME-level folks might have been axed at Time, too.

Machine-gun Kelly also has the final folding of the News's 25 Hours, which was first an insert, then just a website, and now is nothing. That's led to seven fulltime job cuts:

Among the seven given the heave-ho were movie writer Ed Tahaney, music writer Elle Govea and gossip writer Sarah Bambridge, along with all the freelancers, two picture editors and a copy editor.

Then there's the Hollywood Reporter today, which carries word that Viacom is cutting around 100 jobs at MTV Networks, "with the cuts affecting multiple divisions and staffers at all levels." MTV wasn't commenting, but it's believed affected staffers were fired yesterday afternoon.

And, finally, Mediabistro takes a new look at last week's cutbacks at BusinessWeek, which were painted at the time as only affecting overseas editions. Turns out a few dozen stateside editorial folks lost their jobs, including a handful of senior editor and senior writers. Eighteen, MB says, were simply fired; eight more saw their positions disappear.

God bless the media companies, every one.

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