Half-Naked Publicist Buzzes Fox Lot

Publicist (and maker of hats so obnoxious Pamela Anderson wears them) Ivy Supersonic has hired a plane to circle the Fox lot to bring attention to her legal battle with the studio, which she claims stole an animated character from her for their Ice Age movie. (At least we think that's going on.) Leave it to a flack to know how to stage a stunt that will catch people's attention:

So…I look out the window of my office at the top floor of the Century City Towers to see a prop-plane circling the what seems to be the Fox lot dragging a giant banner of what seems to be a man/woman/something telling me to go to scrat.com; I was afraid to look at the website believing that the no-porn shield installed on our system would block me and I would need to find an excuse to tell my parents for why I was fired from my job for middle-sex porn (I think that’s the proper term now); turns out Scrat.com is about an animation artist who had his/her idea stolen by the people at Fox. In the future, would you “Hollywood” people keep your air wars on the ground, please? The last time a plane came that close to a pair of matching skyscrapers the financial people on the top floor didn’t fair too well…

An operative on the lot without a view of the sky (Fox's secret salt mines aren't known for their vistas) wasn't sure if the plane was still circling, but wondered why someone would buzz the lot before most execs are in their offices and when "they're all skiing this week anyway." Still, there was some value realized for the employees who were fortunate enough to marvel at a 50-foot, half-naked woman being dragged from the back of a plane in the name of public martyrdom.

UPDATE: We are told the plane is still circling. Is there no limit to this stunt's fuel budget?