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• Remember when Saturday Night Live was actually funny? We certainly do — those halcyon days bring tears to our eyes. This weekend's episode featured a "Lazy Sunday" rap was so fantastic, it might've saved the entire season. [SNL]
• We've realized now that Braunstein's been caught and Radar's folded, we've little to live blog for these days. Thankfully, Blackface Jesus keeps us afloat. [Craigslist]
• Holiday Link #1: Christmas just ain't white without a card from Brooklyn's own Women for Aryan Unity. [Alternet]
• Holiday Link #2: Build your own menorah, ladies! [TC]
• Holiday Link #3: At a loss for the perfect holiday sentiment? How about: "I wish you the worst tidings this holiday season. I hope Santa comes down your chimney, fucks you in the ass, and shits in your stocking." [The Muk Report]
• Holiday Link #4: Naturally, the billionaire media-mogul Jew would have to start his own front in the War on Christmas. [Jossip]