Half-Naked Publicist Update: Plane Wanders, Fox Filters

We thought one post would probably be sufficient to cover the airborne publicity stunt circling the Fox lot, but we've had a couple of updates worth noting. One reader claims to have seen the plane circling the Hollywood and Highland complex, which makes us think that either a) allegedly wronged tacky hat-maker Ivy Supersonic worked a two-for-one deal on planes, or b) she also has a beef against the Virgin Megastore, Hot Topic, or some other faceless retail operation.

We've also discovered that Fox's web filters are blocking access to the Scrat.com website touted by the barnstorming protest, so employees there can't even go to gawk at the semiclothed pictures of the 50-foot woman marauding through their airspace. The next move in this game of sqrat-and-mouse could involve an airdrop of pamphlets (or some of the surprisingly varied merchandise on sale to support the campaign) onto the lot, so we urge Fox staff to wear protective headgear to work tomorrow and avoid injury from Supersonic's attempt to bypass censorship.