When All Else Fails, at Least There's Free Coffee

While it's hard to think of any silver linings today, at there's this. Apparently it's much easier than usual today for Brooklynites to get a free cup of coffee. Two emails we received this morning report amenities for both Heights bobos and 'Burg hipsters:

As promised, walkers and cyclists are invited to the Borough Hall "way station" which will serve as a gateway to the thousands of Brooklynites who are expected to walk or cycle to work over the Brooklyn Bridge. Borough Hall will be open to those who need a break, a bathroom, or a hot cup of tea or coffee.
The Red Cross is at the end of the Williamsburg bridge offering cookies and coffee in some sort of disaster relief "we'll be there" cups. The Dunkin Donuts people down the street — not happy.

Of course, this silver lining's touch of gray is that fucking Red Cross. Always trying to do good, even at the expense of coffee chains. Shame.