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Because non-blogging blog publishers are free to dick around with "real life" all day, Jossip publisher David Hauslaib hit 9th Avenue at 8am to try and hail a cab:

As we watched five, six, seventeen cabs go by us with their lights lit up and their seats stuffed with passengers, we finally understood how this worked: free for all. There is no "system." No "plan." If a cabbie happens to agree you're showing the right amount of leg, he's going to stop and offer you a ride with a $10 starting price (hopefully you're not leaving a "zone" .. What is this, Washington D.C.?).

It took us about 12 minutes to finally hail a taxi with an empty seat. We shared the ride with two female strangers, neither of whom spoke. Or smelled. We couldn't have been more delighted.

Well, if you're experimenting with the transit strike for fun (er, the sake of a blog entry), we're sure that cab ride would be strangely delightful. Otherwise? More like awkward as hell. But that's still better than bloody.

Jossip Exclusive!! The Cab Ride of Your Life [Jossip]