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A horrible thought just occurred to us: What happens to today's Media Christmas parties?!

By our count, Muscle & Fitness had a lunch at Tao and Jane has a heavy-metal karaoke blowout tonight at R&R. We can't imagine the pump-you-up Muscle & Fitness crowd let a little transit strike get in the way of things, but what about the Janesters? You can't possibly expect them to walk their way to and home from the party; that's so not Jane at all.

And what about tomorrow, if the strike doesn't end? Will Toussaint steal Media Christmas from the Harper's crowd at Pravda and Media Hanukkah from the Forwarders at Moe Pitkin's.

Someone let us know what the alternative plans are.

Oh, and: You're a mean one, Mr. Toussaint.

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