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We can't believe that we nearly let the entire day slip past before noting that Defamer's Patron Saint of Obvious Blind Item Guesses, legendary bicoastal antics-haver Andy Dick, turned 40 today. To celebrate the impressive accomplishment of surviving four decades of a lifestyle that could easily kill two coked-up 20-year-olds (or, for that matter, four 10-year-olds with drinking problems) , we share this reader-supplied anecdote that illustrates exactly why Dick is a local hero:

Two weeks ago, Mr. Dick showed up at the Little Joy. Guess he's trying to cop some indie cred. Anyway, Andy was peeing in the bathroom when my ex walked in. Andy looked over, then PURPOSELY peed on my ex's leg. WTF??? So I took his beer away. He actually chased me for it. I gave it to my ex, who had no qualms gulping it down. Personally, I wouldn't have drank it. I mean, we all know where Andy's been.

Indeed, we do. Happy Birthday, Mr. Dick, and here's to 40 more.