In coincidence of perfect timing, UK's Channel 4 aired a porn exposé last night, in which three hardcore enthusiasts met the adult performers of their dreams. These soon-to-be-former porn fans were also treated to a live porn shoot, which left them traumatized.

But the most moving and persuasive part of Date My Porn Star was their discussion with Vanessa Belmond. The former porn star horrifically recapped her seven-year career as Alexa Cruz, which included contracting chlamydia "three, four times or more," gonorrhea, and bacterial infections. She also described various tears she suffered in various parts of her body, and the painkillers she took to endure anal-sex scenes. During a gang bang, her throat started bleeding. And that wasn't even the extent of her suffering.


Porn isn't inherently evil, but the reality is that the industry is often brutal on its stars and their bodies. Who knows how much it contributed to Jenna Jameson's messy showing of late, but awareness of her past has made her present hardly surprising.