You may have never heard of YouTuber Joey Graceffa, but millions of others have.

A full-fledged "YouTube celebrity" and former Amazing Race contestant, Graceffa has over two million subscribers to his daily vlog, and his videos are regularly viewed by hundreds of thousands of youngsters who should really be watching absolutely anything else.

And if you're not mad yet, just wait to find out how much he made last year.


One day last week, Graceffa parked his car in front of someone's driveway and the driveway's owner had his car towed away.

Naturally, Graceffa took to his YouTube account to bitch about the "slut" who couldn't get his "fat ass" out of his own driveway because it was being blocked by a stranger's car.

Well, as it turns out, that slut was actually comedian Nate Clark, who, happily, has a YouTube account of his own.


In a righteous response video, Clark proceeds to give Graceffa the deadpan takedown he so flagrantly deserves.

If you're up for a YouTube Challenge, try watching Graceffa's original videos from start to finish. The towing part comes in at around 4:10 in the video below:

[H/T: Reddit]