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Like all baby Jesus-haters, we spent our Christmas Sunday reading the Times, which attempted its own version of Media Christmas — but with the equally depraved world of New York realtors. After sifting through the tales of closet fucking at Prudential Douglas Elliman's Four Seasons bash and the mandatory air kissing at Gumley Haft Kleier's party, the evil realtor Corcoran's plans are revealed:

Corcoran will take over Cipriani Wall Street on Jan. 10 with a "God and Goddess" party. The party, which will include models in period costume, also reflects the company's inherent competitive spirit.

"Every year they try to outdo themselves," said Lara Berdine, vice president of public relations. "The agents have pretty high expectations."

Alas, the CorcoDevil's party planners refuse to organize the traditional virgin sacrifice, claiming last year's ritual was too rough on the rented linens.

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