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Sunday's Week in Review, in an attempt to get all magazine-year-end-issue-y, devoted page 3 to "2005: In a Word," a zeitgeisty look at the new words (actually, in most cases, phrases) that bubbled into the vernacular this year. Only eight words merited their own essays, and only 14 more made the runner-up list. So it must have been particularly gratifying for the paper's lead television critic that she identified one of the eight big words — Stephen Colbert's "truthiness" — as significant back in October, right when it was introduced.

Oh, wait. Except that she didn't. Because the lead television critic is Alessandra Stanley, and she chose to render truthiness as "trustiness."

Because Stanley can't be bothered with such a picayune detail, even when it's one of the eight big words of the year.

2005: In a Word [NYT]
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