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Mike Myers, the Canadian comedian who brought us such unforgettable comic creations as Wayne Campbell, Austin Powers, and Flabbergasted Katrina Relief Telethon Co-Presenter, has announced the sad news that he and wife of 12-years, Robin Ruzan, will be getting a divorce:

Publicist Ina Treciokas says, "They remain committed and caring friends. [...]

Myers turned an imitation of Ruzan's mother, Linda Richman, into a widely popular "Saturday Night Live" character of the same name. The sketch featured an extravagantly Jewish hostess of a fictional talk show titled "Coffee Talk" and made viewers laugh with her Barbara Streisand obsession and her frequent use of Yiddishisms like "verklempt."

The couple has no children.

Without his shayna maidel muse around to advise him, we fear that nothing will now stand between Myers and his penchant for indulging in annoying, UK-accented characters. Ironically, after your child demands a fifth viewing of Fat Bastard's Lost Treasure featuring Agent Austin Powers: A Shrek DVD Adventure, you may start wishing you had quit while you were ahead, too.