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The strike is long done, of course. And now there's even a contract, too. The transit union's executive board approved it last night by a huge margin; the membership is expected to do likewise.

The three-year deal gives raises of 3 percent, 4 percent, and 3.5 percent; it keeps full-pension retirement age at 55 and keeps pension pay-in levels the same, even for new employees; and it does allow the MTA to recoup some healthcare costs, up to 1.5 percent of wages. The union got some other concessions, too, on maternity leave and retiree healthcare and work rules.

Now please excuse us while we go apply for jobs at the MTA.

(Also, the new agreement runs for 37 months, meaning the next potential strike won't be at Christmastime, though it'll be when it's even more freezing cold out.)

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