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When last we checked in with darling-faced actor Chris Klein, he was waxing misogynistic with a rapt Elle reporter about his hobby of telling the women he sleeps with they look fat, while cautiously side stepping any questions about his ex-fiancee Katie Holmes, her engagement to Tom Cruise, or her meticulously constructed habitat at the Scientology Zoo and Nature Preserve. Now Klein says he has declined even to send Katie something fuzzy for her little bundle of contractual obligation on the way:

"No, I don't think so," the 26-year-old actor told AP Radio in a recent interview.

"Her and my relationship is a time in the past. And it's a time that I'll always look back with in fondness, but her and I have moved on, and she has a separate life and I have a separate life. And it's better that we keep it that way."

While we certainly can understand that there may be some uncomfortable friction between Holmes' love life past and love life present, that's certainly no reason to punish her unborn child, or worse, give cause to anger its godparents. The small inconvenience of a Baby Gap gift certificate now is much preferable to being stuck with a syringe as you sleep, only to wake up four days later wearing a bunny outfit and lying face down in a video-surveillance-equipped solitary confinement cell as a faceless male voice on the intercom orders you to, "Dance, rabbit, dance for our new little King."