MediaCitizen, Timothy Karr, dissects the secret to marketing female pundits to the masses:

"Repackaging political pundits as the next "Charlie's Angels" has worked magic on the bottom line. Books by Coulter, the right's "huckster of hatred," are encamped atop the New York Times best-seller list."

"Maureen Dowd's recent marketing putsch involves Botox, slit skirts, alluring side glances and the tightly-scripted back toss of her auburn locks."

"Katrina has yet to dive full-tilt into this hot tub. But her recent cover seems intent upon raising more than one's eyebrow."

I have to admit the ol' porno formula works here since even Ann Coulter looks kinda hot, man-hands aside, holding a gun. Additionally, I suppose this means Wonkette will be posing on all fours to promote Dog Days.

Charlie's Pundit Angels [MediaCitizen]