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Remember when the Michelin Guide for New York launched? How everyone who even tangentially cared got their cloth napkins in a twist over it? Too French! Too elitist! (Which is much like calling the Atlantic too wet and too salty, but never mind.) The Spotted Pig?! Jean-Georges better than Daniel?! Oh, people were angry. And, oh, those were good times.

Well, now, folks: Happy days are here again! Monday's New York mag introduces for the first time — are you ready for it? sitting down? deep breath? — a five-star rating system for restaurants! (Swooning like a Southern lady is now appropriate.)

Even better: To kick it off, New York eater Adam Platt has picked the top 101 restaurants in New York — and ranked them in order from best to worst. What's No. 1? We have no idea, mostly because the mag's press staff won't tell us, and we're much too lazy to do some real reporting to figure it out.

If we do find out, we'll let you know. And then the screaming and yelling can begin.

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