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· Just to give you an idea of how suck-ass a year Sony had, its top earning releases of 2005 were Hitch and Are We There Yet?, two movies we literally could not be paid to sit through. [Variety]
· 5,798 love-letters to Brokeback Mountain Oscar ballots were mailed out yesterday. Is it sharing too much if we tell you we've had a long standing fantasy of doing it with two PricewaterhouseCoopers guys? (Suits on.) [Variety]
· 36 hours after his father Kerry Packer dies, rumored Tom Cruise target James Packer takes over the family's $8 billion media empire. Just what Scientology needs to get their exciting little movement off the ground a bottomless source of funding from a malleable mind! Happy New Year, Scientologists! [THR]
· The OC's Adam Brody is developing a series for NBC based on his concept of "a rookie cop who joins a special unit of the LAPD that tracks the vampire population." Working title: Count Chrismukah. (Works best if you use Romanian accent.) [THR]
· Speaking of Romanian accents, the woman whose performance in Young Frankenstein remains one of history's greatest comic creations, Cloris Leachman, will be given a career achievement award at the closing gala of The Palm Springs International Film Festival. [THR]