Attorneys for a Florida college student accused of raping two women and beating a third have their work cut out for them after their client essentially confessed to the crimes in two letters of apology to his victims in which he called his actions a "mistake" and wished the women the best.

Joshua Sekulic, 21, was banned from Florida Gulf Coast University and kicked out of his fraternity after two women came forward to accuse him of sexual assault.

A third woman told campus police she was pinned down and bitten by Sekulic but managed to escape.


All three events allegedly transpired between October 24th and October 30th.

In a letter to his first alleged victim, Sekulic wrote that he took an invitation to the woman's apartment "as a sign that you wanted to have sex."


He continues:

I am sorry for making that assumption. What transpired that night was a mistake. I did not mean to force anything on you or make you do anything you did not want to do. You are a great person and I am sorry for those events and a truely (sic) do wish you the best. Once again, am sorry for the events that transpired and I hope this apology helps you somewhat. And I wish you the best.

In a letter to his third victim, whom police say was forced by Sekulic to engage in oral sex, Sekulic wrote:

I am sorry about the events that happened on the 30th of October I was under the impression you wanted too (sic) have sex. I did not think that you wanted me to stop and I kept going. For that I am sorry and I wish you the best and I hope everything is OK.

Both letters were written this past Monday, the day of Sekulic's arrest. Court documents do not contain a letter for Sekulic's second victim.

"At this point, it's the only thing he could do, but it will never be enough," FGCU student Jean-Maxime Benon told WINK News. "I mean, he marked those girls for life. They are going to remember this for a long time. It's nothing words on a piece of paper will ever change."

A lawyer who spoke with WINK said the handwritten letters amount to an admission of guilt, and complicate Sekulic's defense. His arraignment date has been set for December 9th.

[screengrab via WINK]