The Toronto Sun has broken an important turn in the ongoing saga of Rob Ford, Toronto's crack-smoking mayor. A half-hour ago, the Sun posted snippets of a video of a probably drunk and/or high Ford beating his chest and ranting about stripping to his underwear and ripping someone's throat out for calling him a bird and a nerd.

Here is the Sun's explosive story.

Subsequent to the Sun's exclusive publication of the stunning video, the Toronto Star followed up with the full 1:17 clip, which shows Ford ranting unintelligibly while someone else—an aide, it seems—goads him on. The context is completely unclear, and the Star—which says it purchased the video—offers no clues as to what's going on.


All we know is that Ford says things like, "I'll rip his fucking throat out. I'll poke his eyes out" and "I'll make sure that motherfucker's dead," before "hitch[ing] up his pant legs as if bracing for action." He also says, "he dies or I die, brother," and "don't tell me we're liars, thieves, birds—nerds?"

Maybe Ford was amping himself up for his arm-wrestling match against Hulk Hogan? Maybe he was plotting the murder of the people who filmed him smoking crack? Maybe he doesn't like being called a bird. Or a nerd.


Update: The Star thinks Ford is saying, "don't tell me we're liars, thieves, birds—it hurts." I'm sticking with "nerds" because "nerds" is better.