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As we mentioned last week, New York, desperate to kick off 2006 with some sort of interest-sparking controversy, releases its list of New York's 101 best restaurants — and announces that from now on, foodie critic Adam Platt and the gang will be adopting a star system to rate establishments. Quelle horreur! Quelle Michelin!

There's no use in fighting it. From now on, the system is as follows:

Five Stars: Ethereal; almost perfect
Four Stars: Exceptional; consistently elite
Three Stars: Generally excellent
Two Stars: Very good
One Star: Good

And where can one have an "ethereal," gut-n-wallet-busting dining experience? According to Team Snottypants, only two restaurants earned a five star rating: Le Bernardin and Masa (ranking at #1 and #2, respectively).

Well, crap: Even when written by a New Yorker and catering to New York sensibilities, the fucking frogs are number one. We suppose it's time to just give in, slap on some berets, and light the projects on fire.

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