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We'd never try to reinvent the tabloid wheel, but really, enough with the "slay." At least 172 usages since September 1, 2005, we think it's safe to suggest you Post headline writers mix it up a bit.

Some suggested alternatives, or words with which one might find inspiration: annihilation, assassination, bloodshed, butchery, carnage, crime, destruction, elimination, erasure, execution, extermination, finish, foul play, hit, homicide, kill, knifing, knock off, manslaughter, massacre, mow down, murder, rub out, shooting, slaughter, or snuff.

Sure, many of these are far too long for a snappy hed, but why not engage in some word association activities and come up with a new formula? You guys could even make a game of it, and perhaps play after a day of bonding at the high ropes course.

Really, we'd be so excited for 2006 to bring some COP BLOOD and KNIFE KILL, we'd plop down 25 cents and do the STAB BABY dance.

NY Post