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Variety had news of the deal a couple of weeks ago, but today the E! network officially announced its multifaceted pact with Ryan Seacrest, a clear signal that the channel is on its way towards the cessation of all non-Seacrest-related programming:

Seacrest will be executive producer of E!'s "Live From the Red Carpet," starting with the Golden Globes on Jan. 16. He'll share hosting duties with designer Isaac Mizrahi and E!'s Giuliana DePandi.

Mizrahi and DePandi will work the red carpet while Seacrest will act as master of ceremonies from a "strategic tower perch," according to the channel. [..]

Seacrest's deal with E! extends beyond Hollywood's awards season.

In March, Seacrest will become managing editor and lead anchor of "E! News," joining current anchor DePandi, E! said. He will produce series for the channel through his Ryan Seacrest Productions, and has the option of selling shows to other networks or channels.

Seacrest also will produce and host celebrity interview specials for E! as part of the agreement, which some reports have valued at $21 million. The channel declined to specify the contract's value.

This "strategic tower perch" is a particularly intriguing detail; not only will it allow Seacrest a birds-eye view of the unfolding red carpet chaos, it will provide a spectacular vantage point from which to launch a sniper-rifle attack on the attendees once he goes insane from the realization that the fortunes of an entire basic celeb-fellating cable network rest squarely on his talent-free shoulders.